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    This kit contains caterpillar-style tank treads, wheels and 100mm shafts. Allowing for a large degree of adjustability and creativity in design, the Track and Wheel Set offers three different lengths of tracks to choose from. Sprocket wheels, idler wheels, and road wheels have all been included.

    Track Kit Contents:
    (2) 30-link, 195mm long
    (4) 10-link, 68mm long
    (4) 8-link, 55mm long
    Assorted wheels that interlock with tracks and free wheels:
    2 x interlock 32mm dia
    2 x interlock 22 mm dia
    6 x free wheel 22mm dia
    2 x free wheel 32mm dia
    (6) 100mm shafts
    Track width 11/16"
    Overall Weight: 4 oz

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Small and nice

    These tracks are small, but not without use. They are nice for a large desktop toy or a small autonomous robot or toy. The rubber track give good traction and they dont slip. This can be a problem if your motor doesn't have enough torque when you run it on a surface with some friction

    Tamiya 70100

    For our application this was much too light. Not enough integrity or flexibility for our application. May be fine for a model but not for a test bed for motion/robotic system.