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    The Cell Spy Platinum is the next generation of the famous Cell Spy. It makes checking the voltage of your lipo packs easier than ever, especially for larger packs. It provides a digital read-out that can show up to 6 cell voltages in rotation, along with the total voltage of your lipo battery. With 2.5mm pin spacing, it works with 95% of the lipos on the market.

    To use your Cell Spy Platinum with a 1-6 cell Lipo pack, simply plug it into the balance connector of your battery pack, being sure to connect the negative port on your balance connector to the negative pin of the Cell Spy Platinum (the negative pin is the one at the bottom edge of the circuit board, marked with a "-" sign). If you plug in the Cell Spy Platinum incorrectly, neither the battery nor the unit will be damaged; the unit simply won’t power up.

    The display cycles through the individual cell voltages. The first number on the display indicates which cell is being checked. The second set of three numbers shows the voltage for that cell.

    To test packs with more than six cells, start at the negative port on the balance plug, and once you have checked the first six cells, move the checker up the balance plug so that pin 1 on the checker is plugged into port 7 one the balance plug.

    Be sure to disconnect the Cell Spy Platinum once finished to prevent discharging your pack.


    Operation's Manual

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    its a must have item

    Cell Spy Plus LiPo Voltage Tester Is a must have item in any tool box it as saved me on a few occasions in the short time I have had it Postage to UK was very quick excellent customer service well done Robot Market