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    Sabertooth Dual Motor Speed Controllers - The Robot MarketPlace
    Sabertooth 2X5 R/C is a dual motor driver specifically optimized for use in radio controlled vehicles. It is suitable for small robots, cars and boats, and especially well suited for the Antweight and Beetleweight classes of fighting robots.
    Out of the box, it can supply two DC brushed motors with up to 5A each. Peak currents of 10A are achievable for a few seconds. Overcurrent and thermal protection means you'll never have to worry about killing the driver with accidental stalls or by hooking up too big a motor.

    This model comes with an invert channel (activate a switch or channel from your radio to drive your robot upside-down) and options for exponential control, autocalibration and built-in mixing (the popular single-stick driving option) . The operating mode is set with the onboard DIP switches so there are no jumpers to lose.

    Sabertooth is the first synchronous regenerative motor driver in its class. The regenerative topology means that your batteries get recharged whenever you command your robot to slow down or reverse. Sabertooth also allows you to make very fast stops and reverses - giving your vehicle a quick and nimble edge.

    Sabertooth has a built in 5V BEC that can provide power to a microcontroller or R/C receiver. The lithium cutoff mode allows Sabertooth to operate safely with lithium ion and lithium polymer battery packs - the highest energy density batteries available.


    Voltage range6.0 - 18.0V input
    Current handling 5 amps continuous, 10A Peak per channel
    Size1.8" x 1.6" x 0.5"
    Weight0.6 oz (18g)
    Synchronous regenerative driveyes
    Ultra-sonic switching frequencyyes
    Thermal and overcurrent protectionyes
    Lithium protection modeyes

    Here is a great DIP switch wizard that will help you configure your Sabertooth.


    Quickstart Manual

    Wiring Diagram