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    The Electric Motorsport PMAC-G4845 kit will convert your gas or diesel engine to clean, silent electric propulsion! This kit is designed for inboard or outboard electric marine drive system conversions (specifically sailboats or light boats), but is also suitable for many other applications. Electric drive systems of this power usually cost $7,000 and up, but this *pre-assembled kit makes it affordable at less than half of the cost.

    - Variable Throttle for smooth speed control
    - Brushless Motor design makes brush maintenance a thing of the past.
    - Easy forward and reverse switching with a flip of a switch
    - Motor and Controller support Regen which means with an appropriate prop this system can recapture energy to help recharge the battery pack. So under a heavy sail this system can be generating power off the dragging prop*.
    - Drive motor can be mounted inboard OR outboard.
    - Pre-assembled and tested releiving you of any guesswork.

    Kit Includes
    - Motenergy brushless ME1115 motor
    - Gen4 controller
    - Potentiometer box throttle or Magura Twist-Grip Throttle
    - Forward/Reverse switch
    - Ignition key
    - Contactor
    - Fuse
    - Wiring harness

    Motor Features
    Quieter Operation
    Improved durability
    High 92% Efficiency
    Smoother acceleration
    Lighter weight (only 35 lbs.)
    Easy forward/reverse switching
    Low torque ripple at low speed
    NEW Bi-directional fan for increased air flow
    NEW Sine/cosine speed sensor
    NEW Aluminum fan cover
    NEW Protective phase terminals cover

    Motor Specifications
    Designed for long life. No brush maintenance. The motor is 92% efficient at voltages between 24 to 72 VDC. Continuous current of 125 amps AC (180 Amps DC into the motor control). This is a 3-phase, Y-connected permanent magnet synchronous motor with an axial air gap and sine/cosine speed sensor. It has two stators with a rotor in the center.

    - 4 pole motor (8 magnets).
    - Phase to Phase winding resistance is 0.065 Ohms with 20 turns per phase.
    - Rotor speed: 3360 rpm at 48V or 2520 rpm at 36V
    - Torque constant of 0.12 Nm per Amp
    - The Inductance Phase to Phase is 0.05 Milli-Henry
    - Armature Inertia: 45 Kg Cm Squared
    - Current: 125 Amps AC continuous (180 Amps DC into the motor control)
    - Peak current: 420 Amps AC for 1 minute (600 Amps DC into the motor control)
    - Weight: 35 pounds
    - Peak Stall Torque: 60 ft lb.
    - Cooling: Open Frame, Fan Cooled motor
    - Includes temperature sensor

    Controller Specifications
    The Gen4-series represent the absolute latest design concept for compact and reliable AC Controllers. They feature the smallest footprint in the industry for their power capability. The high efficiency of these controller makes it possible to integrate them into very tight spaces without sacrificing performance. The design has been optimized for the lowest possible cost while maintaining superior reliability in the most demanding applications.

    The Gen4 controllers are designed to control either AC Asynchronous motors or PMAC Synchronous motors. This feature allows users to select optimal motor solutions for any application. Both UVW and encoder AB inputs are provided for maximum flexibility.

    Sealed IP66 enclosure
    Integrated logic circuit (I/O)
    Advanced flux vector control
    Autocheck - system diagnostics
    Sensorless control (depending on application)
    CANopen product
    Nominal Voltage: 36 - 48 VDC
    Operating Voltage: 19.3 - 69.6 VDC
    Cont. Current (120s): 180A
    Current (120s): 450A
    Boost (10s): 540A

    Please note: Due to the high RPM of the Mars Brushless motor, we recommend using a gear reduction system rather than direct-drive for marine applications. This will improve efficiency, provide proper torque and cooling, and prevent cavitation. Typical reduction is around 3:1, but will depend on the required prop RPM needed to reach hull speed. Proper reduction will enable the motor to spin your prop at the hull speed RPM of your prop when it is spinning at its max RPM. This number can be estimated using the 70 rpm/Volt constant (48 volts * 70 rpm/Volt ~ 3400 rpm max). *Appropriate prop required based on motor rpm and the boats hull speed.

    Please note: There is a two week lead time for programming after the order is processed.