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    Some batteries provide enormous cranking power. Others, deep cycle reserve power. The revolutionary Odyssey battery is designed to do both.

    The Odyssey battery ingeniously uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology to offer, in one box, the characteristics of two separate batteries. It can deep cycle as well as provide enormous cranking power. These batteries make use of fine mat separators (glass fiber) wherein sufficient electrolyte is absorbed to provide the longest life and steady service. This system prevents escape of electrolyte from the separator which causes leakage.

    Voltage12.0 V
    Cranking Amps for 5sec545
    Cranking Amps for 10sec495
    Cranking Amps for 20sec420
    Cold Cranking Amps185
    Short Circuit Currentover 1200A
    Reserve Capacity with 25A Load18min
    Size6.9 x 3.25 x 5.13 in
    Weight11.7 lbs
    Terminal TypeM6 Female


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