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    This is the Havoc Pro Short Course Brushless Electronic Speed Control, and 550 Ballistic Brushless Short Course 4.5 Turn Motor from Novak. **Designed to fit the Traxxas Slash 4x4. Includes a** **custom install plate and high-current Traxxas compatible battery connector**
    FEATURES: Havoc Pro SC Brushless ESC (NOVC1745) Compatible with all Novak 540- and 550-size brushless motors Fourteen adjustable parameters: Minimum Brake, Drag Brake, Minimum Drive, Timing Level, Timing Set Point, Dead Band, Throttle Curve, Brake Curve, Brake Frequency, Brake End Point, Drive Frequency, Reverse, Motor Rotation, Voltage Cutoff, Hall Sensor Test Approved for ROAR Sportsman Class Racing Dynamic Timing Advance increases motor's RPM dynamically through throttle band for higher speeds, eight on-board adjustments from 15°- 42°. NovaBrakes provides instantaneous braking under any timing condition with no delay Temperature indicator displays ESC's temperature after each run via a blinking LED by tapping the One Touch button 3-amp BEC for strong and fast steering response Water resistant case