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    The Robot Power MultiMoto is a small low-cost high-performance four channel H-bridge speed controller for Arduino™ and compatible base units. It is designed for small robots such as firefighting robots, R2D2 replicas, maze solvers and carpet rovers. The MultiMoto is also capable of driving LEDs, pneumatic valves, solenoids, relays and thermoelectric coolers.

    The MultiMoto is designed to pack the highest power handling capability, flexibility of control and usability options into the smallest package.


    • Size: 2.7" x 2.1" x 1.0" standard shield format
    • Weight: 28.0 grams
    • 6.0V to 36V battery voltage
    • Four independently controlled channels
    • 6.5A continuous (8A peak) current on each channel.
    • Fully reversible H-bridge design. Equal power handling in both directions on all four channels.
    • Full current limiting and over temp limiting. This thing is nearly blow proof! Motors and batteries are protected from dead short conditions.
    • Code adjustable current limit and other parameters for each channel
    • Indicator LED for speed and direction of motor on each channel
    • Enable LED show motor enable status


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