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    This is a 3.5oz glass jar of Pactra Balsa Fillercoat Primer from Midwest. The original hot fuel proof butyrate dope system which gives a durable, fast-drying, lightweight and beautiful lacquer-type finish.

    Used for Tissue Covered Aiplane Models, Control Line Airplane Models, R/C Airplane and Boat Models, Wood Scouting Projects and Model Rockets
    For use on paper, fabric coverings, balsa and basswood
    Contains no lead

    Includes: One 3.5 oz glass jar of Balsa Fillercoat Primer

    Requires: Use in a well ventilated area with lung, eye and skin protection. Brush to apply Balsa Fillercoat to the model.

    Note: Flammable: Contains toluol and methyl ethyl keytone. As with any type of painting procedure, always test for compatibility of materials on a scrap piece before attempting to paint model.

    For best results:
    Sand entire model until smooth surface is obtained by using progressively coarse to fine sandpaper.
    Fill in any minor surface irregularities with Aero-Gloss Balsa Fillercoat Primer. Use Plastic Balsa Wood Putty for larger irregularities. Stir Balsa Fillercoat Primer thoroughly. Apply with brush. Let dry 24 hours before sanding.
    Fine sand entire model. Lightly wipe off dust with tack rag.
    Lightly wipe entire model with damp sponge to raise wood grain. Once dry, fine sand and wipe clean.
    Model surface is now properly prepared for paper or fabric covering material, or for surface sealing/priming with Aero-Gloss Sanding Sealer if model is to be painted.