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    This RC mixer is designed for four wheeled mecanum robots. It mixes three input RC channels: x, y, and spin to generate the appropriate signals for motors controlling four mecanum wheels.

    The RobotLogic Mecanum mixer allows for simple RC-control of a mecanum drive robot. The Mecanum mixer is plugged into a standard RC receiver using three input channels. Four motor speed controllers are then plugged into the mecanum mixer. The driver can then use any combination of fwd-reverse, left- right, and sideways translation commands to control the robot.

    3 Channel Mecanum Mixing
    The Mecanum mixer uses three RC channels: one for rotating left and right, one for translating forward and backward, and one for translating left and right. These inputs can be connected to any output on your RC receiver.

    The Mecanum mixer acts as a failsafe. It will shut off all outputs whenever no signal or an invalid RC signal is detected. The incoming signal is constantly monitored and operation is resumed as soon as a valid RC signal is re-detected.

    Signal Boosting
    When used with IFI speed controllers, there is no need for additional in-line signal boosters. The Mecanum mixer can drive a Victor 833 speed controller on each of its outputs.


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