Item #: MDOZ2000
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    Light, portable 3D printer
    95% pre-assembled, ready to print within a few minutes
    Portable, easy to transport, light design
    Sturdy, durable construction, designed for years of use
    Perfect tool for education, hobbyist or professional use
    Free easy to use software comes preloaded on memory card
    1,000's of available printable files online, many preloaded
    1 year replacement warranty
    Print with ABS, PLA, rubber and wood filament
    LCD monitor allows you to operate the machine without being hooked
    up to a computer
    Top-quality stepper motors with belt drive mechanics
    Portable SkyWriter 3D Desktop Mini Printer is 95% assembled and
    built to last
    Includes memory card with free "how-to" software, thousands of
    printable files and 1/2 kg filament (color chosen randomly)
    Assorted plastic, plastic transparent, plastic glow-in-the-dark,
    wood, and flexible rubber filaments are available in multiple
    colors and lengths
    1/2 KG Filament included in kit - random color

    One SkyWriter3D Desktop Mini 3D Printer

    Build Volume X-Y-Z: 150mm X 130mm X 100mm
    Build volume in inches: 5.91" x 5.12" x 3.94"
    Print resolution: 0.1-0.4 Microns
    Print speed: 80 mm/sec max recommended
    Filament: 1.75 mm PLA
    _ Extruder: Direct Drive with 0.4 mm nozzle
    Layer thickness: .15 - .04
    Auto Leveling: No
    Print Bed: NOT heated
    Print Temp: 190c - 225c
    Construction: powder coated steel with aluminum body
    Belt: OEM
    Pulleys: aluminum OEM
    Electronics: Closed circuit OEM board
    Direct connect standard printer cable connection
    Comes with a micro SD card (included) and slot for untethered
    Software: Cura Open source included, millions of free downloads
    available on website
    Data import format: STL, OBJ, G-Code
    Operating System: WinXP 7/8, Mac, Linux and UNIX
    Power Requirements: voltage 12V 10 amps supplied power supply
    Motor: Stepper Motor
    Overall Printer Footprint: 11.81" x 13" x 13" (300mm x 330mm x330mm)
    Printer Weight: 6.5 lbs (2.95kg)