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    No flashing LED during recording, 100% concealed
    Supports Photo Shooting
    Supports Video Recording function with audio
    Supports Motion Detection Recording
    Play back by Windows Media Player
    Plug and play (no software installation required)
    Memory Storage: Supports TF/Micro SD card up to 16GB
    Dimension: 50 x 32 x 10mm
    Color: Black with Silver Trims
    Video Format: AVI, 30FPS, 720 x 480 pixels
    Photo Format: JPG, 1280x1024, 1.3M pixels
    Recording time: Around 1-2 hours of continuous recording on a full charge.
    Battery: Built-in Rechargeable 240mAH 3.7V Battery (Recharge by your computer via USB Port)
    Connectivity: USB 1.1 or 2.0
    Support System: Win 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Win 7 / OS / Linux / MAC OS
    The Date and time can be changed before making the video and then will synchronism with the record.

    There are two function buttons-"ON/OFF" button and "REC" button. The one closest to the camera hole is designated ON/OFF. The other one is inboard of the ON/OFF button and designated REC.

    1. The device has a built-in rechargeable battery that needs to be fully charged when the device is new.
    2. Make sure to insert a MicroSD card before using the device.
    3. Press and hold ON/OFF to turn on the device. The blue LED will turn on, which means the device is in STANDBY mode.
    4. Press and hold REC to start recording video. The blue LED will blink fast three times, then turn off. This means that during video recording, the LED is not lit, which makes it less likely to be spotted.
    5. Press REC to pause video recording and save the recording to that point. The LED will turn on. The device is now in STANDBY mode. In STANDBY mode, press REC to take a still image. To continue recording, press and hold REC.
    7. To record a still image: Turn on the device by pressing and holding ON/OFF to enter STANDBY mode. The LED will turn on. Press REC to record a single still image. The LED will flash. Press REC for another image.
    8. Motion Detection Recording: Turn on the device by pressing and holding ON/OFF to enter STANDBY mode. The LED will turn on. Press ON/OFF button the blue LED willfast six times, then turn off to enter motion detection mode . The LED will flash and begin to record when detect the motion object. The system will automatically save the file and exit to the motion detection video when there is no abnormal sustained image for a minute. Press ON/OFF button to back to STANDBY mode.
    9. To set the date/time of the device, which is used to timestamp media recordings, create a text file in the root of the MicroSD card with a file name of TAG.TXT. Open the file and add the following three lines:


    Replace the date and time above with the values you want. Save the file. Turn the device off, then back on to reset the clock based on the text file.
    10. To turn off the device, press and hold ON/OFF until the LED goes out.
    11. The device powers off by itself after a period of inactivity.
    12. It's not necessary to power on the device to access recorded media via the USB cable.
    13. When you first connect the device to a computer, it may be necessary to install a driver.
    14. If the device stops functioning, use the reset button to reset the device. The reset button is recessed inside the small hole between the MicroSD card and the USB port.

    Package Includes
    1 x Keychain Camera (Memory card NOT included)
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x User Manual