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    The most useful tool EVER for your toolbox or shop
    This incredibly versatile device will quickly become your favorite diagnostic and testing tool. The Battery Checker function allows you to check the charge and balance state of your LiPo/LiFe/LiIon battey packs, never again start a flight with a partially charged battery.
    The Watt Meter function helps you optimize your power system for top performance. It retains the peak current and peak wattage readings for easy reference after a test.
    The Internal Resistance function lets you see the state of the individual cells in your battery packs. Not getting the performance out of your packs that you should? This can help you identify the problem and monitor your packs over time.
    The Tachometer can measure the RPM of your 2 to 5 bladed props. Are you achieving the revs that you expect? Temperature sensor can tell you if a component is generating too much heat, the peak reading is retained.
    The Servo Tester function is great for centering your servos during the build or testing the range and cycling for break-in. This feature can also be used to run an ESC when doing motor tests all without the need for a receiver or transmitter.
    The Thrust Calculator helps you determine whether your overall system is the right match for your project.

    i-Meter 7 in 1 Multimeter Functions:
    Battery Checker - Check individual cell voltages, total pack voltage, pack balance, 1-8 cells
    Internal Resistance - Check and compare the internal resistance of individual cells
    Watt Meter - Measure Current (Amps), Peak Current, Voltage (Volts), Power (Watts), Peak Watts, Energy (Watt-Hours) and Charge (Amp-Hours) in real time
    Servo Tester - Test and cycle servos manually or automatically
    Tachometer - Optical Tach for 1-5 Blade Props to 60,000 RPM
    Temperature - Monitor the temperature of ESC, Motor, retains peak reading
    Thrust Calculator - Estimate thrust with values you enter

    Unit includes:
    2 sets of 12AWG silicone wires with 6mm gold plated male plugs on one end the other end is ready for the connector of your choice.
    1 test lead with 6mm gold plated male connectors and a 2 pin male plug for cell resistance testing.
    A 20 in. lead with temperature sensor.
    English instruction manual.