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    The Integrated Bot Controller (IBC) is designed and built in Australia, and now this awesome controller is now available here in the States through the Robot MarketPlace. Perfect for Hobbyweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, and even some Middleweight Robots. Check out this list of impressive features:

    TWO x 50 Amp Heatsinked MOSFET Motor Control Channels
    Two channels means no need for seperate left & right controllers with the IBC. Combining both sides in one board has allowed us to save space, weight, cables and complexity, and unlike most Fan-Only cooled controllers that have no heatsinks on their Mosfets , the IBC will handle huge power surges wthout destruction thanks to its Hi-Capacity Heatsinks.

    TWO x Auxillary Relay Outputs to trigger your Weapons from your controls. Want more than a wedge-bot? You will need a 3rd Radio Control channel to activate that flipper, spinner or other weapon. The IBC will decode that 3rd channel into *two* relay outputs. One for stick-forward, and one for stick back. Dual Controls are here. How many weapons and arms can you think of for you bot with this feature? Comes with the cable you will need to activate these AUX controls.

    FLIP input that reverses the steering controls if your bot is inverted
    Have you tried to drive your 'bot when its upside down ? Confusing isnt it ? Everything is backwards to what you are used to. With the IBC, just flip a switch on your control (uses 3rd RC Channel), and your controls are back to normal ! Or connect the FLIP to a tilt-switch and have the bot automatically sense which way up it is and adjust itself !

    LOW VOLTAGE switching regulator - runs off ANYTHING from 4v - 36v
    Nearly all other controllers out there require at least 10 volts input to keep them working. Any less and everything stops. Thats OK if you are running 24v or more worth of batteries. But that isnt always possible in lightweight designs. Or if your batteries voltage drops a little under the load. But with the IBC, there's no need to worry, the switching voltage regulator design will keep the circuitry ticking no matter what. No sudden microprocessor halts as the main batteries voltage fades under load.

    Built-in FAILSAFE function. Pass any Radio control safety test first time.
    If for any reason the IBC loses the signal from your radio, or receives an invalid (interfered with) signal. It stops all movement and powers down the weapons - *immediately*. This is essential for safe usage of any weapon equipped bots. In fact most competitions will not allow you to compete if you cannot demonstrate a working failsafe. Usually the tester will turn off your Radio Transmitter - and If your Bot so much as twitches while its off, you fail and get sent home. The IBC's built in failsafe ensures your bot will never do something you didnt tell it to.

    Built in MIX Function. No more Tank-Steering. One joystick drives AND turns. Can you "Tank Steer"? Thats where each stick on your radio controls a seperate motor. Trust us, its hard. "Mixing" refers to "merging" the two joystick controls into one. (a two-direction joystick capabile transmitter is required), so that the same stick that makes you go forwards and backwards, also turns you side to side. Its FAR easier to control your bot this way. Most controllers require you to buy an additional, external "Mixer", The IBC does it all for you. (this feature can be disabled if you want to tank steer for some reason)

    Built in BRAKE function. Center your transmitter stick, and your Bot screeches to a halt using active current-recirculation-techniques. No coasting to a stop further than you wanted. This offers far more precise position control than is achievable with any un-braked controller. (this feature can optionally be disabled)

    Built in BATTERY ELIMINATOR Circuit. - Eliminate that Radio Reciver Battery ! Do you know how many fights have been lost (and RC Airplanes crashed) due to a failed, flat or just plain "forgot-to-turn it on" receiver battery? With the IBC's Battery elimintor circuit, your receiver can be powered from your controller. Through the same switching regulator design that makes the IBC low-voltage proof, your receiver will never "Go Deaf" from a bad Rx battery.

    REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTED. Inline diode protects the circuitry from mistakes. In the pits, repairing battle damage can be hectic. Mixing up your power wires polarity can be an *expensive* split-second mistake as the magic smoke escapes your controllers. We've even done it during testing by accident. The IBC survived though, thanks to the inclusion of a diode to prevent reverse power flow through the delicate microprocessor circuitry. A 20 cent part that can save you hundreds in repair bills. Why dont other controllers offer this feature? No idea, we think its worthwhile, we're sure you will too.

    BATTLE PROVEN DESIGN. Although the IBC is new, its Mosfet drive circuitry and Software code is completely based on the proven OSMC Controller used in many winning bots. No unexpected crashes or mis-driven Mosfets will stop this controller. The experience of hundreds of people has gone into making the OSMC design, with its circuit digrams and code available for all to see. Team Razer recently changed to OSMC based controllers and think the improvment in power, control and smoothness is fantastic

    AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED AND MADE - Maximum value for money
    Designed by a Melbourne based Electronic Engineer with over 15 years of experience.

    FULLY OPEN SOURCE - No "Secret" circuit diagrams or "confidential" code is used in the IBC. Circuit Diagrams and Board layouts are available for you to download so you can see what you are getting, and understand how it works. Repair or Customize it yourself if you like (electronics skill required), or just know that we have nothing to hide

    ALL IN ONE DESIGN - Simple to connect and use. No complex programming or configuration required, just plug it in and drive away.

    COMPACT SIZE - Just 130mm wide x 55mm High x 30mm thick. Weight is only 6.88oz (including all the wires you see in the photo). Extensive use of Surface Mount components and careful PCB layout has allowed us to pack this controller into the smallest possible size for its functionality. See if you can find another controller with equivalent capabilities this small. Just what you need to have maximum space inside your bot for everything else.

    CHANGES TO THE IBC IN VERSION 2 -The board's track width and copper thickness has been increased to overcome some issues users have reported from the previous version. Other minor component and board upgrades make this the most solid IBC ever.

    The lowdown:
    - 2 x 50Amp capacity
    - 4 - 36V input
    - Built-in BEC- R/C control
    - Mixing mode (on by default) with a flip channel
    - Optional brake (on by default)
    - Built-in failsafe and reverse polarity protection
    - 6.88 oz
    - 130mm x 55mm x 30mm

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    A beefy Speed Controller

    I just got this in and man this is beefy. I like the 2 extra relay outputs. And, the FLIP input option is really cool. This controller is definitely set for a combat bot or a all-terrain bot that could get flipped upside down. I haven't had a chance to really stress the unit yet, but it looks great for a mid-sized bot so far.