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    The Aurora 9 is a "pure digital" 2.4GHz system offering an extremely low latency response time for that "connected" feeling. Featuring a large backlit 5.1 inch touch screen display, 30 model memory, assignable switches, and customizable programming menus, the Aurora 9 is a true 3 in 1 radio with sophisticated programming for sail planes, helicopters, and all kinds of power planes. With all these features, there is no doubt the Aurora 9 will become the radio of choice for the most sophisticated pilots.

    AFHSS 2.4GHz / PPM Compatible
    Easy to read, easily accessible 5.1 inch wide touch LCD backlit display
    Customizable Menu
    One-stop model type setting
    3 Multi-tasking digital trims
    Fill-sized comfortable hand grip
    Fully assignable control switches, sliders, stick, and digital adjusters
    Highly sensitive quad ball-bearing gimbals
    Super-Easy gimbal mode change / tension adjustment
    Selectable mode 1, 2, 3, 4 and 2 custom
    Power management system
    Digital trim nano-adjuster

    AFHSS with Smart Scan - Rock solid, interference-free performance
    Hitec's 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum system utilizes the latest Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) technology and the exclusive Smart Scan system to ensure a rock solid, interference free connection between the transmitter and receiver. When selected, Hitec's 2.4GHz Smart Scan function scans the 2.4GHz spectrum to find the cleanest channels in which to operate thereby providing interference free operation even in the most crowded environments.

    Boosted Omni Directional Antenna (BODA)
    The Optima 2.4GHz line of receivers feature Hitec's exclusive BODA receiver technology. Independent tests have proven that the single BODA system in Hitec's 6 and 7 channel systems is equal to or better than a dual antenna system, while Hitec's Optima 9 receiver features a dual BODA system to give the added security larger models need.

    Telemetry System
    The Optima line of receivers and Spectra 2.4GHz module have full telemetry capabilities with built in low receiver batter warning. Additional telemetry capabilities can be added using optional sensors for display in the Aurora 9 or with Hitec's PC based Telemetry Monitoring System.

    Standard Programming Advanced HELI Programming
    9 Assignable Control Channels 6 Swash Type:
    3 Model Types (ACRO/GLID/HELI) --90° Type: 1 servo, 3 servos, 4 servos
    30 Model Memory --120° Type: 3 servos
    20 Character Model Name--140° Type: 3 servos
    8 Flight Conditions With 10 Characters --180° Type: 2 servos
    Fail-Safe Quick Model Options Select (Governor, Needle Control, Fuel Mixture)
    Channel Function 7 Point Pitch Curve (24R)
    EPA 7 Point Throttle Curve (24R)
    Dual Rate and EXP (24R) Throttle Cut
    Sub-Trim Gyro Sensitivity (24R)
    Servo Reverse Needle Control (24R)
    Servo Speed (Up to 25 Sec in Each Direction) (24R) Swash to Throttle Mix (24R)
    Servo Monitoring (Monitor and Servo Test) Rudder to Throttle Mix (24R)
    8 Programmable Mixes (5 x 2-Point, 3 x 7-Point Curves) (8R) Fuel Mixture (24R)
    Trainer Throttle Hold (3R)
    Throttle Lock Swash Mix (Swash Rate / Calibration (3R))
     Revolution Mix (24R)
     Governor (Three Rates) (24R)
    Advanced ARCO Programming Advanced GLIDER Programming
    9 Wing Type (6 Main Wings, 3 Flying Wings) 9 Wing Type (6 Main Wings, 3 Flying Wings)
    5 Tail Type (Main Wing: Normal, V-Tail, Ailevator, Flying Wing: 1 Servo Rudder, 2 Servo Rudders) 5 Tail Type (Main Wing: Normal, V-Tail, Ailevator, Flying Wing: 1 Servo Rudder, 2 Servo Rudders)
    Quick Model Options Select (Dual Engine, Retracts Gear, Airbrake, Fuel Mixture) Quick Model Options Select (Motor, Retracts Gear, Airbrake)
    7 Point Throttle Curve (24R) Motor Control (Switch on / off) (8R)
    Throttle Cut Airbrake
    Idle Down Airbrake to Elevator Mix (8R)
    Fuel Mixture (24R) Aileron to Rudder Mix (8R)
    Airbrake Elevator to Camber Mix (8R)
    Airbrake to Elevator Mix (8R) Rudder to Aileron Mix (8R)
    Aileron to Rudder Mix (8R) Aileron Differential (24R)
    Snap-Roll (4-Way Switching Multi Direction) (8R) Aileron to Flap Mix (8R)
    3 x Gyro Sensitivity (ex: AILE/ELEV/RUDD) (24R) Delta Mix
    Elevator to Camber Mix (8R) Camber Mix (8R)
    Rudder to Aileron Mix (8R) Flap Control (24R)
    Aileron Differential (24R) Ailevator (8R)
    Aileron to Flap Mix (8R) Butterfly (8R)
    Camber Mix (8R) V-Tail (8R)
    Flap Control (24R) Launch (Stick Position, Auto Cut Function) (8R)
    V-Tail (8R) 3 x Gyro Sensitivity (ex: AILE/ELEV/RUDD) (24R)
    Delta Mix (8R)  
    Ailevator (8R)  

    Number of Channels 9
    ReceiverOptima 7 (1 included)
    Programming Features Heli / Aircraft / Glider
    Model Memory 30
    Modes1, 2, 3, 4, and 2 custom
    Transmitter Battery Type NiMH TX and RX batteries