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    Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s dynamite demo car!
    Want to take Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s 2015 Ford Mustang Spec 5 out for a spin? Now you can, with the latest 1/10 scale, electric HPI RS4 Sport 3 model! It's ready-to-run and impressively equipped, with a powerful Firebolt 15T motor and waterproof SC-3SWP2 ESC for optimal performance. The drivetrain is fully enclosed to protect the gears from havoc-wreaking rocks and dirt in your fastest races. An adjustable battery box allows you to optimize traction and steering to your satisfaction. The licensed body is painted in Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s signature colors, with neon green rims that are guaranteed to stand out at any track. Be sure to grab Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s ride while the gettin' is good!
    Updated RS4 Sport 3 design.
    Painted, licensed body recreates Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s 2015 Ford Mustang Spec 5.
    Fully enclosed 4WD shaft drive.
    Firebolt 15T motor.
    Waterproof SC-3SWP2 ESC.
    2.4GHz pistol-grip radio system.
    Threaded oil shocks.
    Double wishbone suspension.
    Enclosed receiver case protects from the elements.
    Sealed, brushless-compatible metal gear diffs.
    Enclosed pinion and spur gear.
    Battery position is adjustable for extra traction or increased steering.
    Battery box fits standard LiPo batteries and NiMHs up to 7-cell.
    Hook-and-loop battery strap holds packs in place.
    Realistic tires.
    Licensed replica Vaughn Gittin wheels.
    Plazma 6-cell 2000mAh NiMH battery.
    AC charger.
    Set of composite ball bearings.
    Compatible with a wide variety of hop-ups, including carbon fiber shock towers, universal dog bones, aluminum shocks and more.

    Chassis: Plastic
    Drive: Fully enclosed four wheel shaft
    Radio: HPI TF-11 2.4GHz
    Motor: HPI 15T Firebolt, longitudinally mounted
    Electronic Speed Control: Waterproof SC-3SWP2
    Differentials: Sealed metal gear, capable of handling brushless
    Body: Ford Mustang Spec 5 trimmed and painted with all sponsor
    decals applied
    Shocks: Composite body, oil filled
    Suspension: Double wishbone
    Wheels: Neon green composite plastic, width: 1.02" (26mm), diameter
    1.9" (48mm)
    Tires: Treaded rubber
    Ball Bearings: Complete set
    Battery: HPI Plazma 7.2V NiMH 2000mAh with standard connector
    Battery Charger: AC powered wall type
    Battery Compartment: Holds standard LiPos and up to 7-cell NiMH
    batteries, adjustable for extra traction or increased steering,
    thick hook and loop straps hold battery in place
    Front Bumper: Foam
    Pinion Gear: Steel, 48P 27 tooth
    Spur Gear: Molded plastic, 48P 75 tooth
    Caster: Non-adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the
    front suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation
    to the chassis
    Camber: Non-Adjustable camber refers to the angle of the tops of the
    tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle
    Warranty: 2-year limited through manufacturer, valid only in USA,
    Canada and South America

    HPI RS4 Sport 3 On-Road Car with 2015 Mustang Body, Radio, ESC,
    Motor, Battery, Charger, four AA Batteries, Instructions, 27T
    Pinion Gear, 75T Spur Gear

    Track and maintenance equipment

    Length: 16.9" (430mm)
    Width: 7.4" (190mm)
    Height: 4.9" (125mm)
    Wheelbase: 10" (255mm)
    Length: 17" (432mm)
    Width: 7.7" (198mm) behind front wheels-narrowest point
    8.1" (207mm) at rear wheels-widest point
    Height: 4.7" (120mm)