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    Hangar 9 Beast 100cc - The Hobby Marketplace
    What do you get when one of RC’s greatest 3D pilots collaborates with one of full-scale aviation’s greatest aircraft designers? The Beast™ - a giant-scale biplane with monoplane-like flight characteristics that blurs the line between 3D and precision aerobatic performance, and more than lives up to its name.

    The full-scale Beast is the brainchild of renowned aircraft restoration expert, Kevin Kimball, who actually collaborated with 3D champ and Hangar 9 product developer Quique Somenzini on its design. The brute power of its 410 hp engine combined with the finesse of its neck-snapping 370 degree/second roll rate make it one of the most formidable aerobatic planes ever created. Drawing on his experience with the design of the full-scale Beast, Quique created this licensed 100cc reproduction for Hangar 9. He did so with the full cooperation of Mr. Kimball as well as Bryan Jensen, the Beast’s pilot and owner, and Mirco Pecorari who designed the full-scale plane’s trim scheme. At the heart of the model’s design is a rigid, lightweight airframe that features thinner wings for better top speed and agility.  For more information about the full-scale Beast, visit

    All necessary hardware included
    Authentic Beast™ UltraCote® trim scheme
    Installed hinges and blind nuts
    Two-piece prepainted fiberglass cowl

    Wingspan:89.0 in (2,260mm)
    Overall Length:86.0 inches plus spinner length
    Wing Area:2,490 sq in (161 sq dm)
    Flying Weight:26.0–28.0 lb (12.0–13.0 kg)
    Engine Size:DA 100
    Servos:7 JR DS8711 ultra-torque servos plus throttle