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    High quality teflon and silicon grease is essentials for your Airsoft AEG Gearbox and gas blowback slides and frames. These grease comes in a container much larger than the Guarder or Systema brand for the same or updated content. Great for serious shooters of real steel or Airsoft. Our R&D and tech team have tested many teflon and silicon oils extensively and these are tried and true.

    - Fully insoluble and water repellent
    - Clean and low-order lithium complex formula
    - Enhanced with Teflon foroptimal performance
    - Resists washing off, melting, freezing and extreme heat
    - Appropriate for outdoor use
    - Resistant to High and Low Temperatures (-45C to +180C)
    - Great All-Purpose grease!
    - Non-corrosive on copper, metal and plastic
    - Wear resistance with good sound elimination
    - Evaporation Loss: 0.1%
    - Oil separation: 2%
    - Material: Silicone
    - Weight: 35g