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    This is the Great Planes ElectriFly BP Series
    Lithium Polymer 2300mAh 11.1V 20C Battery Pack with Balance Connector.
    Ideal for Sport Aerobats and 3Ds, Trainers and Scale Aircraft.

    Balancing allows all cells to fully charge to 4.2V ensuring
    maximum power from the pack, plus conditions the cells better
    so they will last longer
    Safer as long as the Cell Balancer or a properly equipped Charger
    with Balancing Capabilities is used

    Great Planes ElectriFly BP Series Lithium Polymer 2300mAh 11.1V 20C
    Balance Battery Pack with 12AWG 3.1" (80mm) long Discharge wire
    with Dean's Ultra Female Plug and 24AWG Charge Lead with 0.79"
    (20mm) long wire with ElectriFly Balance Connector and instruction

    Charging with a LiPo charger capable of balance charging such as;
    GPMM3155 Triton EQ Charger w/Balancer
    GPMM3156 Triton2 EQ Charger w/Balancer
    OR Charging with a LiPo charger AND an optional cell balancer

    Capacity: 2300mAh
    Number of Cells in Series: 3
    Rated Voltage: 11.1V
    Max. Charge Voltage: 12.6V
    Min. Discharge Voltage: 8.25V
    Maximum Recommended Charge Current: 2.3A (1C)
    Continuous Discharge Current: 46A (20C)
    Discharge Lead: 12AWG 3.1" (80mm) long wire w/Deans Ultra Female Plug
    Charge Lead: 24AWG 0.79" (20mm) long wire with Balance Connector
    Pack Dimensions: 126 x 41 x 22mm (5 x 1.6 x 0.9")
    Weight: 6.9oz (197g)