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    The 360:1 Mini Metal Gear Motor looks much like our other mini metal gear motors, except the motor is longer. And the gearing is in an enclosed cylindrical casing! These also have a beefier set of mounting holes, threaded for 2-M1.6 metric screws. 3mm shaft.

    Even more interesting are the motor characteristics. This compact brute of a gear motor offers a measured stall torque of 103.2 in-oz (7434 gm-cm) at 6V - that's considerable! Of course, with something this small, we trade the increase in torque for a decrease in speed - it's among the slowest spinning motors we carry, turning at a lazy 23RPM at 6V.

    Gear Ratio 360.00:1
    Unloaded RPM (3V) 11
    Unloaded RPM (6V) 23
    Unloaded Current (3V) 38 mA
    Unloaded Current (6V)42 mA
    Stall Current (3V) 360 mA
    Stall Current (6V) 692 mA
    Stall Torque (3V) 49.60 oz-in (3571 g-cm)
    Stall Torque (6V) 103.20 oz-in (7431 g-cm)
    Length1.875" (47.60mm)
    Width0.61" (15.50mm)
    Height0.61" (15.50mm)
    Weight0.94 oz (26.60g)
    Shaft3mm diameter, 10mm long


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    IGES Solid Model

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    great motor/gear set quick del. Will buy again. G

    360:1 Mini Metal Sealed Gear Motor

    Fast delivery, good product