Item #: FUTM4415
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    This trainer cord is designed to go between two Futaba radios.
    (For users of the RealFlight G2 USB Interlink Controller please
    see the Comments section below)

    This comes with the "Micro" plug on BOTH ends.
    This trainer cord also fits the Tower 4-TH radio, Futaba 9C, 6EXA, and 4YF.

    One Black Micro to Micro Trainer Cord
    This requires that "2" Futaba radios that require the micro plug
    are used together.

    This will NOT work, nor can it be modified to work with any other
    radio systems.

    For users of the Futaba 9C with the RealFlight G2 USB Interlink
    Controller: this trainer cord can be used for connecting the
    9C radio to the USB Interlink Controller.