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    Timing pulleys and belts are the best way to transmit power from your motor to drive wheels or a spinning weapon.While O-Rings and round belts will slip under tension, timing belts have teeth that ensure a positive lock to the pulleys.

    A range of seventeen belt sizes allows you to design your robot then pick a belt, rather than the other way around!Use with our selection of pulleys, or any other 3mm pitch pulley.

    Pitch (distance between tooth centers): 3mm
    Width: 4mm
    Material: Chloroprene Rubber
    Tensile strengh: 19-25MPa
    Weight (smallest to largest): 1 - 4g (0.04 - 0.14oz)

    Diameter, Number of Teeth
    408mm, 136T

    FingerTech has a great pulley and belt calculator to help you fingure out what length belt you need.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Good stuff

    I was quite pleased with the belt. The description indicated that it's made of neoprene but omits the important detail about it having a nylon longitudinal strength member, which makes it a lot more usable under load.