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    FiveBOT FB004 Demo - The Robot MarketPlace
    The FiveBot FB004 Two-Wheeled Robotic Platform is designed for use by researchers and students. This versatile Arduino-based and Mini-ITX compatible platform is ideal for use as a remote robot to monitor a facility or transport materials.

    The FB004 Two-Wheeled Robotic Platform's two wheels are driven by two differentially steered DC motors, allowing rotation and movement in any direction. Three infrared rangefinders allow the FB004 to track and chase objects, follow walls, and avoid obstacles.

    The FB004 Platform has maximum load capacity of 10kg, so you can add your own stuff on top like a camera or robotic arm.

    NOTE: Assembly is required. You'll need a Phillips head screwdriver.

    Chassis Details:
    Length: 357mm
    Width: 313mm
    Height: 267mm
    Net Weight: 4.22kg
    Ground Clearance: 39mm
    Wheel Diameter: 143mm
    Wheel Thickness: 28mm
    Wheel Material: Polyurethane
    Wheelbase: 160mm
    Chassis Material: Aluminum
    Color: Yellow
    Speed: 0.8 m/s
    Climbing Capacity: 20 degree incline
    Load Capacity: 10kg
    Controller: Arduino ATMega328P, IO Expansion Board
    Mini-ITX Compatible: Yes

    Motor Details:
    Motor Type: Faulhaber 12V DC Coreless Motor
    Gearbox Ratio: 64:1
    Power: 17W
    Speed: 120 RPM
    Diameter: 30mm
    Length: 85mm
    Shaft Diameter: 6mm
    Shaft Length: 35mm
    No-Load Current: 75 mA
    Load Current: 1.4A
    Encoder Type: Optical
    Encoder Phase: AB
    Encoder Resolution: 12CPR

    Battery Details:
    Battery: 12V NiMH
    Charger: 12V Wall Charger
    Charge Time: 2 hours
    Running Time: 0.5 hours

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