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    The 'Deuce' was a classic Cold War air defense aircraft, the world's first supersonic all-weather jet interceptor and the USAF's first operational delta-wing airplane. Kit has fine raised panel lines, Case XX wings, optional position speed brakes, weapons bay interior with optional position launchers and weapons bay doors, multi-part optional position canopy, 2 drop tanks and optional seated pilot figure. Also features resin parts (including cockpit, ejection seat, wheels, rudder, elevons, AIM-4A and D missiles (3 each), corrected contour radome and intakes) plus photo-etch parts (enhancements for cockpit, wheel wells, undercarriage, fuselage exterior, plus color instrument panel and consoles). Decals and painting notes for 2 US Air Force aircraft: s/n 57-09 07 of the 460th FIS (CO's aircraft), 1962 (overall ADC gray) and s/n 56-1389 of the 64th FIS, Vietnam, 1966 (SEA camouflage).