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    This HT1632C-based item integrates both bright red and green LEDs built into each of 32x16 3mm dots, providing high distinguished red, green and even yellow display when red and green LEDs are illuminated simultaneously. Users can build a driver board or choose the driver board to light up this LED board and customize their own character libraries to display their favorite symbols and adjust the contrast ratio of this display for better visual effect.

    Size: 128.27 (L) x 81.30 (W) x 23.84 (H)±0.2mm
    HT1632C-based 32x16 LED dot-matrix info board
    Light-emitting diameter: 3mm
    Available light-emitting color: red, green and yellow
    16-level PWM brightness control
    Either one of the two 16-pin male sockets can be used to connect drive board, which powers the 32x16 LED, as well as send data and control signal in a SPI-like mode
    Two +5V auxiliary power supply terminals provided.
    Up to 2 boards are recommended to connected in series to display more characters

    Operating Voltage Vin5V
    Storage Temperature Tstg-20 - 80 degC
    Average Operating Current lavrg0.5A
    Maximum Operating Current
    (All LEDs on, 100% PWM duty cycle)

    Package Contains
    32x16 Bicolor LED 3mm Dot Matrix Display Info Board
    16-pin IDC cable