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    Compact 50 amp Brushless ESC
    No BEC
    50 amps continuous, 65 amps burst
    46mm x 35mm x 8mm, 42g plus 3g bullets
    Handles 2-7 LiPo cells
    Programmable LiPo or NiMh cutoff
    Programmable brake
    Low resistance

    42.5 amp Max 5S-6S
    35 amp Max on 7S

    Programmable features include:
    Brake on, off, soft, medium, hard
    LiPo cutoff 2S-7S
    Auto NiMh (0.8V per cell)
    Throttle setting: auto or 1.1ms to 1.8ms
    Soft or hard start
    Soft or hard cutoff
    Timing 1/7/15/30
    PWM 8KHz or 16KHz


    Programming Guide