Item #: DYS300100
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    Constant current 100A Max 125A

    User programming options

    Battery Setting
    Throttle Range
    Brake Setting 4 options
    Direction and Cutoff Type
    Timing Mode Setting: 1º/7º/15º/30º
    PWM Setting: 8K/16K

    Important Note: this ESC is Opto, without BEC supplying power to your Receiver, you need extra power source for your receiver. You can use a UBEC, a voltage regulator, or extra batteries as the power source for your receiver. If you hear the music tone repeat again and again for more than 3 times, you may need to check your power source to the receiver.

    PLEASE NOTE: The DYS Brushless ESCs sizes from 50A and up DO NOT have a BEC. You will need to supply power to your receiver from another source.


    Programming Guide