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    In 1972 Shoe GOO was invented for "tennis toe" caused by dragging your shoe toe during service while playing tennis. It took two years of experiments with many gooey, gummy compounds before the perfect recipe was developed. This clear, rubbery adhesive was easily applied to shoes and hardens overnight restoring worn tennis shoes into "new" useable shoes again. The formula remains the same after all these years... Not only do tennis players continue to use Shoe GOO, it has become very popular with skateboards and anyone wanting to use a sturdy adhesive.

    Use Shoe GOO to:
    Rebuild your worn-out soles overnight.
    Seal rubber boots, galoshes, and waders.
    Coat and protect shoes to avoid premature wear.
    Repair damaged heels.
    Secure loose insoles.
    Reinforce skate shoes.
    Coat skateboards for extra traction.

    1oz. tube.