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    ETA Date: 1/18/2019

    This is a great little workhorse motor. A popular size for RC enthusiasts, we can now make this motor available to everyone at a great price.

    High performance in a small, inexpensive motor.

    Now comes with a 16T, 3mm pitch pulley press fit onto the motor shaft. (We can remove this pulley from the shaft if you prefer, just choose the option from the above pop-up menu).
    Outer Shaft Diameter: 0.58 in.
    Inner Hole Diameter: 3mm

    Speed : 24,000 rpm @ 12V
    Angular velocity constant:2000 rpm/V
    Amps @ nominal: 1.5 Amps
    Peak Power:0.55 hp
    Stall current: 148 A
    Stall torque: 91.65 oz-in
    Weight: 8.20 oz (232.47 grams)
    Shaft diameter:3mm
    Shaft length:16mm


    Overall Customer Rating of 8 Reviews:

    These motors are amazing!!!!!!!!!! i bought a couple just cuz they were cheap, and they became my fav motors. these have insane speed and decent torque. i used one for my spinner weapon in a 2 kilo robot, and the results were incredible. it breaks aluminum given about ten seconds to reach top speed. the one issue with these motors is that they suck up electricity reallyy fast. my batteries run out after only about half an hour of running the weapon.

    Motor was ideal for my use however to fit my gear the shaft would have better with an extra 5mm [1/4"} length

    looks great

    i bet this motor would be a good motor for my nikko FJ cruiser

    motor for mi kid

    This Duratrax 550 is the best replacement motor I've found. After purchasing a lot of motors online from various companies, This motor is the only one that performed as good or better than the original.just take the pinion put a new and your kid is ready to take a good ride.

    Pretty close match to my Kawasaki PW motors

    Let me start by saying I'm very happy with these motors in the Kawasaki PW. High gear is a brisk jog to keep up with. Runs about 45 min on a 12v UPS battery. The only problem I had installing these was the shaft diameter.. the PW gear was slightly larger then the new wouldn't press on.. it just slid on and off.. Not a big deal though.. I drilled out 2 holes on each side of the PW gear at the base and threaded it for an allan key screw with some thread lock. I also used my dremel on the shaft to give it a very slight flat spot to help prevent the gear from slipping. These motors are very solid and fit everything else perfectly.