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    This is a 32 ounce bottle of Bob Dively Models' Liquid Masking Film. Bob Dively Models "Liquid Masking Film" is the industry standard, and is often copied but never duplicated. LMF is a safe non-toxic non-flammable liquid that replaces tape on complicated masking jobs. Tight radius curves can be easily made even on curved surfaces. Leaves sharp clean lines. Masks on any non-porous surface. Can be sprayed brushed or rolled. For use on model aircraft, boats, trains and cars.

    Replaces tape on complicated masking jobs
    Masks any non-porous finish or surface
    Leaves sharp, clean paint lines
    Can be sprayed, brushed or rolled on
    Dries in 1 to 2 hours
    Drying can be accelerated with warm air
    Trim design may be drawn on LMF when dry with a ball point pen
    Score with a new hobby knife and peel off areas to be painted (thin areas won't peel)