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    This is the Cool Power 20% Helicopter Model Engine Fuel from Morgan Fuels.

    FEATURES: Total synthetic fuel!
    20% High Viscosity Lube (which means real thick) for use in
    R/C helicopter model engines.
    99.7% pure Nitromethane.
    The High Power Methanol has a minimum purity 99.97% which exceeds
    the industry standard.
    Contains all top quality raw materials:
    -Film strength additives -Igniters
    -Anti-oxidants -Detergents
    Contains a wetting agent which allows lubricant package to flow more
    evenly into bearings, creating more power from less friction.
    Contains a non-foaming agent that keeps foam to a minimum, allowing
    longer, more consistent runs.
    The High Thermal Stability base stock fluid won't break down even
    under competitions severe co