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    A super-small wiring connector (about half the size of a typical Futaba/JR style connector!), this is a great light-weight choice for use in small RC models and robots.

    Special case design fits only one way- prevents reverse connections. Male and Female 1 set per package. One long, 12", unbroken lead between connectors, so you could use it as a 12" extension cable, or cut it wherever you need to make a separate male/female connector.

    Max amp rating: 8A

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    A great low amp connector

    This the best low amp low weight connector and basically a necessity for connecting most sub 1000 mah batteries.


    Bought one of these to make connecting my LiPo battery to my Sabertooth 2x5 ESC easier. Works like a charm, even tho I had a derp moment, swapped the + and - wires, and melted the insulation right off the entire wire. So i'll be needing a new one =D