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    Chargery Power BM6 Battery Monitor is a high accurate Li-Po / Li-Ion / LiFe battery tool. It can be used in Charge, Discharge, On Board Low Voltage Alarm or as a battery checking tool at the flying field or in the workshop. Anywhere, anytime you can monitor the cell voltage and battery balance status. The unit includes reverse polarity detection, and displaying the voltage of each cell within the pack, the packs overall voltage and difference of cells voltage. It will also give an indication as to how charged (or discharged) the battery pack is. BM6 gives a warning buzzer when the Lipoly cell voltage reaches below 2.00V or any voltage you set, or over 4.22V. In flight, BM6 can alarm loudly when any cell voltage less than the voltage you set. Before you fly, please press the button setup the lowest cell voltage range between 2.000-4.200V.

    Battery range: 2S-6S Lipo and LiFe
    Voltage display resolution: 0.001V
    Voltage Detection precision: 0.005V
    Cell Voltage display range: 1.50~4.99V
    Total Voltage display range : 3.00~29.94V
    Over discharge Alarm cell voltage: 2.00~4.00V
    Over charge Alarm cell voltage: > 4.22V
    Current loading of test: 8mA
    Pins distance: 2.54mm
    Size: 80 x 25 x 12mm
    Weight: 12g