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    The Elite Force SL14 speed loader reinvents the way standard and mid-cap magazines are loaded. Using its unique action, you may now rapidly feed 40 BB's in one motion into a magazine. Most mid-cap magazines can be completely filled with just 3 pumps, allowing you to get back into the action faster.

    This package includes the Angel Custom AP10 M4 to MP5 Adapter Conversion Kit so you can also use it to load your MP5 magazines!

    Durable ABS polymer construction
    1800 round BB reservoir
    Compatible with most M4/M16 standard and mid-cap magazines
    Compatible with standard MP5 style magazines and Angel Custom AP10 magazines
    Load up to 40 BB's per pump
    Spring loaded trap door for easy refilling
    Capacity: 1800rds
    Manufacturer: Elite Force