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    This is the ultimate invention that is a must have for your war game accessories. Tired of those gas gun, spring gun or electric gun AEG standard magazines that requires a long fragile loading rod to load? Tired of pushing one bb into your magazine at a time? Tired of spending too much time loading your magazine before or during the game? This is the perfect accessory that will allow you to speed load all your magazines and it is shaped just like a gas gun magazine for maximum portability. It comes with an adaptor allowing you to easily speed load all your airsoft magazines. No battery is required and it is light and easy to use.

    Transparent Finish: Made out of high quality transparent clear ABS material allows shooter to see how many bbs are left.
    Application: Fast load AEG standard magazine, MID-cap magazine, shells, gas revolvers , spring guns, grenade shells and more!!
    Slick Shape: Shaped / size of a pistol / handgun magazine for maximum portability in pouches.
    Capacity: ~115 rounds.

    - Locate "push lock". Press it to release the "pushlever".
    - Push the lever all the way down, while holding it down, push the push lock button from the other side to lock the lever.
    - Open the lip on the top to pour bbs inside the loader.
    - Aim the speed loader on your magazine's feeding lip, push the lever to load.