Item #: BB-M12-5K
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    Precision: Manufactured & designed in Japan & Taiwan. These are not Chinese made low quality BBs that are commonly inconsistent
    Precision tight bore barrel compatible: Suitable for all tight bore barrels carried by
    Professionalism: Matrix manufactures the largest variety / types of Airsoft BBs in the world. Matrix knows BBs
    Made with environmental friendly materials
    Designed for professional training & simulation gaming
    Competition, "Match" Grade BBs
    Highest Rating in Accuracy, Grouping, and Range. Minimal Jamming
    Technology / Reliability: Made by the #1 BB manufacturer; Matrix provides the biggest selection of high grade BBs in the world

    Weight: 0.12g
    BB Count: 5,000
    Precision: 10/10 Match Grade
    Diameter: 5.95mm+1mm
    Application: For all Airsoft applications