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    The AKA 1:10 City Block Super Soft Compound tires are a unique and versatile type tire. This tire works in a large variety of conditions from loose to high traction. Because of this unique design, the City Block is the work horse tire of the AKA line and works well in the majority of track conditions.

    The City Block tire is designed for hard to medium-packed surfaces and the super soft compound works great in cooler temperatures as well as moist or damp conditions. The two-stage tread features square mini-pins on top of rectangular blocks. The square mini pins are designed for superior grip on a hard-packed, high-traction racing surface. The rectangular blocks underneath the mini pins provide greater tread depth, which is also makes this versatile tire ideal for those times when you drift into the loose dirt.

    Combined with the AKA closed cell inserts and a much stronger outer sidewall than conventional tires, you will get a much flatter and larger contact patch on the ground. No more need for cranking in tons of camber to keep the tire patch flat on the ground. This results in more constant, improved handling as well as even tire wear.

    All of AKA Short Course tires feature a unique inner carcass ribbing that supports the outer sidewall to the wheel and also captures the foam. This gives the tire a consistent feel across the width of the tire. Other tire manufactures leave gaps in these areas therefore the tire is not supported all the way across the width of the tire. Our tires work best on the flatter style wheels vs. the cone type wheels that leave the tire unsupported.


    Includes the AKA red inserts inside
    Works in a large variety of conditions from loose to high traction
    Inner carcass design made to perfectly fit AKA closed cell foams
    excellent tread wear characteristics
    Super Soft Compound

    Gil Losi, Jr. and Mark Pavidis designed these tires, which feature 2.2''/3'' bead design and an inner carcass design made to perfectly fit the industry-standard AKA closed cell foams. This results in a much more controlled outer sidewall for more consistent handling and tread wear.