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    MINDS-i construction sets are not just a LEGO Technic clone. They are bigger, stronger, and will let you do far more. All of the MINDS-i kits are interfaceable with standard hobby servos, motors, and wheels with 12mm or 14mm hex hubs. You can even use Screw Adapters to interface with pieces you build yourself! This is a really fantastic, versatile kit, and it is made right here in the USA!

    This 5mm Rear Hub Kit integrates into all MINDS-i building systems, and is compatible with most Hobby standard 14mm Hex Mount Wheels.

    - Includes Rear Hubs (2), Yokes (2), Bearings (4), 5mm Threaded Axles (2), 5mm Lock Nuts (2), Yoke Set-Screws (2), 14mm Hex Wheel Adapters (2), and all the necessary hardware