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    This is one of the most recommended battery pack for:
    - M4 Hand Guard. (The biggest 9.6V that fits in a M4 handguard)
    - AK Full Stock (If you want a 9.6V this is it).
    - The biggest 9.6V that fits in a AUG battery compartment.
    - The biggest 9.6V that fits in most PEQ2 boxes.

    For M4 series: Nun-Chuck Type Battery: This custom shape battery is originally designed to fit on a M4 series rifle. The battery can fit separately on both the top and bottom hand guard to offer M4 series AEG ability to hide a high power battery inside the hand guard. A much better alternative than the regular small type.
    For AK47 series For those that wants to fit a 9.6V in your full stock AK, this battery and a $2 tamiya adaptor is the solution. Otherwise, it will cost you hundreds just to get a 9.6V high capacity / good battery in your AK.
    For PEQ2 box / All others: This custom type battery fits ICS, G&P, Echo1, PHX, Classic Army, G&G and most other PEQ2 boxes on the market today. A perfect custom battery for guns that use a PEQ2 battery.

    Power Output: 9.6V
    Capacity / AMP: 2000mah
    Type (For Airsoft): Custom

    High Power: Intellect Battery Pack offers consistent and high power output.
    HIgh Capacity: Intellect Battery Pack offers high capacity without increasing the size of the battery cell, high output for higher rate of fire and longer duration.
    High Rate of Fire: Intellect Battery Pack offers high current flow resulting high rate of rotation.
    Advanced Ni-Mh no memory technology, Intellect RC Battery pack does not require discharging.

    Fresh Cells: Manufacture direct, all battery packs are sold within a few months. Each pack is fully tested for defect and output.

    Manufacture: Intellect.