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    This is DeWalt's factory gearbox for the NEW versions of the 12v, 14.4v, and 18v DC cordless power or hammer drills. Exclusively made by DeWalt for their new, higher-powered, 3-speed series of cordless drills. (No, these won’t fit on the old versions of the motors)

    This is a great gearbox for 3 great, new-and improved motors. These 3-speed, planetary gearboxes with their futuristic look and all metal gears represent the best value in high technology, power and price. It is simply a great thing to have a third gearing solution available if you need it.

    The not-too-specific numerical values below reflect those public divulged by DeWalt. I have not yet confirmed them as accurate.

    DeWalt Part #397892-05
    For Motors #
    12V 14V 18V
    Gearing #1 RPMs
    Gearing #2 RPMs
    Gearing #3 RPMs
    Max Torque
    Input accepts 15 teeth
    Output Shaft5/16" diamater Double-D
    Length2 1/2"
    Diameter2 1/8"
    Weight 13.60oz or 0.8500 Lbs


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    i've been having trouble keeping the gear box together the black top cover keeps popping off. and i was wondering if there was anyway to keep it from popping off. it only seems to pop off in high gear.