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    This is DeWalt's NEW VERSION of its 18vdc replacement motor for its cordless powerdrills of the same voltage.

    This is the upgraded version of the motor that made SO many bots famous. Easily overvoltable to 24 volts, these motors represent the best value in motor power for its price. It is simply the best motor you're going to find for the price, and it has a very throughoughly proven track record. Unfortunately, DeWalt doesn't publish nor allow us to see their actual numbers on amperage draw, RPMs, voltage capacities, gear ratios, etc... All the good stuff. We can't imagine this motor performing Much better than the old version.

    If you plan to couple this motor to it's intended gearbox, or to any DeWalt gearbox for that matter, choose the option to add the 'Foam seal,' which is a small, styrofoam O-ring made to fit bettween the DeWalt motors and their gearboxes, forming a seal against dust particles andother bad things you don't want to get in your gearbox. Think of it as a $1.29 insurance plan.

    DeWalt Part #396505-22
    Voltage 18vdc (can be overvolted)
    Output gear 15 Teeth, nonstandard pitch
    Body length 2 7/8"
    Overall length 3 1/2"
    Diameter 1 27/32"
    Weight 15.65 oz or 0.9781 Lbs
    Torque Constant 1.2 oz-in/amp
    Voltage Constant 1125 RPM/volt
    Stall Amperage 155 amps

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    dewalt drill motors

    i did not use this on a robot but i did change the old wron out motor in my dewalt drill. pretty simple and runs like new. great prices shipping is alittle ruff but it gets there fast. thanks alot robot marketplace