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    This is DeWalt's NEW VERSION of its 12vdc replacement motor for its cordless powerdrills of the same voltage.

    This little thing is a powerhouse that would be perfect for that 12 or 30-pounder you've been dreaming of. DeWalt started producing it's new versions of the 12, 14, and 18 volt powerdrills to add a third gearing selection. -No one knows why they felt the need to replace the motor to do so, but since the new gearings have a different number of teeth than the old ones, it is usually just much easier to buy the new motor to match its 3-speed gearbox.

    If you plan to couple this motor to it's intended gearbox, or to any DeWalt gearbox for that matter, choose the option to add the 'Foam seal,' which is a small, styrofoam O-ring made to fit bettween the DeWalt motors and their gearboxes, forming a seal against dust particles andother bad things you don't want to get in your gearbox. Think of it as a $1.29 insurance plan.

    DeWalt Part #396505-20
    Voltage 12vdc (can be overvolted)
    Output gear 15 Teeth, nonstandard pitch
    Shaft 5mm dia x 11mm
    Diameter 47mm (1.85")
    Length 73mm (2.87")
    Weight 18.2 oz (1.14lb)

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    ***** Speed and Service *****

    Speed in double sense as it took only one week for this item to ship to Norway (service in handling orders by Robot MarketPlace!) and this motor has so much torque you can now do wheelies with your Traxxas Summit.

    dewalt new style 12v

    i bought this motor for traxxas summit. it is truelly amazing. and the best part is, it can be rebuilt. and it is very cost effective.

    Super Torque

    I purchased this motor for a E-Revo project. The motor is the most torqiest brushed motor I have ever used. This thing is great for large tire and all terrain applications. USed with a MMM ESC and 2S lipo this motor is grrrrreaaat

    Great Price Rapid Shipping 12v Motor

    I found this site while looking for a 12v drill motor rather than a robot or car motor. The De Walt service center didn't have it. I see they are back ordered now so I prob got the last one. Installed easily and worked like a charm. Great site. I have you bookmarked for future use. The forum where a guy tested this motor along with two others was very interesting.