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    So you've got the DeWalt gearboxes , but you've been pulling your hair out trying to get a shaft to work for them. You COULD upgrade the 24V transmission with the Dustin 2 kit, but if you're on a budget and like to try to work out your own unique solution, we offer these shaft spindle assemblies, made by DeWalt specifically for the 24V Hammerdrills. A version for the 18V gearboxes is available as well.

    This unique shaft spindle has the X-shaped spline on one end that fits directly into the DeWalt Gearbox, and has a spring-loaded roller bearing already attached, the opposite end is threaded outside as well as reverse-threaded inside, providing multiple options for attaching your drive system. You could cut off the parts you don't need and use just the plain shaft, or come up with your own custom mounting solution.

    DeWalt Part #390087-00
    Output ShapeX- Spline
    Shaft Dia. 0.5in. threaded output
    Weight 3.17 oz each