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    This 2S 4000mAh lithium polymer battery pack is a perfect fit for the Spektrum DX7s and DX8 transmitters, and offers twice as much runtime as the stock 2000mAh battery! This lipo also features an internal cell balancer and a built-in safety current circuit to prevent the battery from being overcharged and causing damage to both the battery and your radio.

    Perfect fit for the Spektrum DX7S and DX8 transmitters
    Offers twice the flight time of the stock battery
    Includes internal cell balancer
    Features built-in safety current circuit to prevent your battery from being overcharged

    ConfigurationDouble 2S
    Charge Rate 2C
    Size45 x 13 x 4mm

    Note: This lipo can only be used in the new DX7S model. It cannot be used in older Spektrum DX7 models.