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    6.6V means you won't need a regulator!

    This 6.6V (2-cell) 2000mAh 5C LiFe (lithium iron phosphate, LiFePO4) receiver battery provides a great combination of performance and convenience. Our LiFe batteries have some unique advantages over other battery options that make them ideal for use in radio systems:

    Voltage stays above 5V throughout your entire run, so you get more consistent servo speed and torque than with NiMH batteries
    Slightly lower voltage than Lipos means you can safely connect 6.6V (2-cell) LiFe batteries to your receiver without needing a voltage regulator
    Our 2000mAh capacity beats the 1300-1800mAh you'll find in standard flat and hump packs from most other suppliers

    Connector: JR (Universal) Servo Connector

    Length: 82mm (3.23 in.)
    Width: 30mm (1.18 in.)
    Height: 16mm (0.63 in.)
    Weight: 83g (2.93 oz)