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    The VEX Clawbot Kit is the foundation robot kit in the VEX Robotics Design System. Included as the basic robot in all kits, the step-by-step instructions guide users in assembling the robot as they learn to work with the VEX Robotics Design system.

    NOTE: A VEX Robot Control System is not included with this kit. Combine the Clawbot Kit with a VEX control system or consider one of our discontinued Robot Starter Kits for a complete working robot.

    300+ Parts
    Step-by-step instructions
    Includes (4) motors, structural metal, fasteners, wheels, and gears

    Kit Contents
    32-Wire Motor 393
    42-Wire Motor 393 High Speed Gear Sets
    1Claw Kit Assembly (includes motor)
    21Shaft Collar
    4Shaft Coupler
    8Shaft, 3in. long
    18Bearing Flat
    2Spur Gear, 12-tooth
    6Spur Gear, 60-tooth
    2Spur Gear, 84-tooth
    44in. Wheel
    32Screw, 8-32 x 1/4in.
    14Screw, 8-32 x 1/2in.
    3Screw. 8-32 x 1-1/2in.
    6Locking Screw. 6-32 x 1/4in.
    6Locking Screw, 6-32 x 1/2in.
    42Nut, 8-32 Keps
    2Nut, 8-32 Nylock
    6Shaft spacer, Thin (4.6mm)
    504in. Tie Wraps
    32Bearing Pop-Rivet
    1Standoff 1.00in.
    2Bar, 20-hole
    2Chassis Bumper, 20-hole
    4Chassis Rail, 16-hole
    2C-Channel, 1x2x1x15 hole
    1C-Channel, 1x2x1x20 hole
    2Motor Controller 29
    1Battery Strap, 2-pack
    2Allen Wrench Small, 5/64in.
    2Allen Wrench Large, 3/32in.
    2VEX Open Ended Wrench
    1Quick Start Guide, Clawbot


    Quick Start Guide for VEX Clawbot

    Assembly Dimensions

    Structure Piece Dimensions

    Claw Assembly Details

    CAD Assembly