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    This kit provides larger size chain and sprockets designed for use with the VEX Robotics Design System. These reinforced sprockets and chain can be used just like the VEX Sprocket and Chain Kit but can withstand higher stresses and lift heavier loads. VEX High Strength Chain is the same pitch as VEX Tank Tread. The components from this kit are compatible with all VEX Tank Tread components. Also use included "Attachment Links" to attach structural components to your chain. Use this kit for any application where regular chain just won't cut it!

    High Strength Design - up to 50 lbs
    12 Sprockets in 5 Sizes
    54" of Chain Links

    Technical Info
    Material Type Delrin Plastic
    Master Links Every link can act as a master link to make chains of any length
    Tensile Strength Approximately 50 lbs.
    Chain Length 140 links = 54in.
    Chain Width Links are 0.57in. wide, attatchment links are 1.5in. wide
    Mounting Holes 0.175in. diameter
    Kit Contents
    4High Strength 6-tooth Sprocket (~0.97in. OD)
    2High Strength 12-tooth Sprocket (~1.69in. OD)
    2High Strength 18-tooth Sprocket (~2.43in. OD)
    2High Strength 24-tooth Sprocket (~3.16in. OD)
    2High Strength 30-tooth Sprocket (~3.90in. OD)
    140 High Strength Chain Links
    20Chain Attatchment Links
    1Inventor's Guide Insert


    STEP files (includes chain link!)