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    Build mechanisms capable of withstanding higher stresses than ever before. Lift heavier loads, and survive bigger impacts with the new High Strength Gear Kit.

    High strength gears mate with all VEX spur gears
    Build gearboxes that resist high shock-loads
    Double-thick face width provides added tooth strength
    Metal Square Hole Inserts prevent axles from "stripping"
    Use the round-hole inserts to build free spinning idler gears
    Bolt Gears together for added strength
    Use metal pinions for high strength where it counts

    Technical Info
    Gear Type Spur Gears
    Diametral Pitch 24 DP
    Pressure Angle 20 degrees
    Face Width 1/2 inch
    List of Contents
    4High Strength 12-tooth Gear (0.58 inch diameter)
    4High Strength 36-tooth Gear (1.58 inch diameter)
    4High Strength 60-tooth Gear (2.58 inch diameter)
    16High Strength Gear Insert
    16Free Spinning Gear Insert


    Inventor's Guide Insert

    STEP files