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    The VEXnet Joystick allows a human operator to control a robot in real-time using the innovative VEXnet 802.11 Wireless link. The joystick has two 2-axis analog joysticks, 4 trigger buttons and two 4-button directional pads. It also has a 3-Axis Accelerometer that provides X-Y tilt outputs, X-Y-Z acceleration and a shake output. This allows you to control an arm or drive system by changing the orientation of the joystick (tilting, turning or shaking). Just plug a VEXnet USB Adapter Key into the port on the back and enjoy the ultimate in robot control.

    Wireless robot control using VEXnet technology.
    Only compatible with the VEX Cortex Microcontroller.
    Link (2) joysticks together with (1) VEXnet USB Adapter Key.
    When using multiple drivers to control a single robot, they must both be using the same type of transmitter -- the VEXnet Joystick and the 75MHz transmitter cannot be mixed.

    User Inputs (2) X-Y Analog Joysticks
    (8) Top Buttons
    (4) Back Buttons
    (1) 3-Axis Accelerometer
    Ports (1) Competition Port
    (1) Partner Port (for connection to another VEXnet Joystick)
    (1) Program Port (for wireless programming with the VEX Cortex Micro Controller)
    Batteries6 AAA (not included)
    Size5.5 x 4.3 x 2.2in.


    Cortex Micro Controller and Joystick Quick Start