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    The 2 Wire Motor 393 provides 60% more output power than the standard motor, which allows for more powerful mechanisms and drive bases.

    Strong, steel internal gears
    No clutches needed
    Shaft coupler (included) replaces the clutch
    2-Wire Motor Ports: Connect directly (Cortex only)
    3-Wire Motor Ports: Use with the Motor Controller 29
    Can be configured into a "high speed" version
    Has 60% more torque than the 3-wire VEX Motor

    The 2-Wire Motor 393 does not have an internal motor controller.

    All VEX Microcontrollers (V0.5 requires use of a Motor Controller 29)
    All VEX Square Shafts 0.125" (3.2mm)
    2-Wire Motor Ports
    3-Wire Motor Ports (with a Motor Controller 29)

    Free Speed: 100 rpm (As Shipped)/160 rpm (High Speed Option)
    Stall Torque: 13.5 in-lbs (As Shipped)/8.4 in-lbs (High Speed Option)
    Stall Current: 3.6A
    Free Current: 0.15A

    All motor specifications are at 7.2 volts. Actual motor specifications are within 20% of the values above.

    Kit Contents
    (1) VEX 2-Wire Motor 393 Module
    (1) Inventor's Guide Insert
    (2) 6-32 x 1/4" Screws
    (2) 6-32 x 1/2" Screws
    (1) Change Gears Set
    (1) Motor Coupler
    (1) Motor Post


    Inventor's Guide Insert

    STEP File