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    Create multi-drive robots with expanded torque and speed options.

    Gear kit includes 2 additional 84-tooth gears not available in the Starter Kit #276-2151

    Technical Info
    Vex RoboticsDescription
    Gear TypeSpur Gears
    Diametrical Pitch24 DP
    Pressure Angle20 degrees
    12-tooth Torque Limit40 in-lbs
    36-tooth Torque Limit120 in-lbs
    60-tooth Torque Limit200 in-lbs
    Face Width0.25 inch
    0.125 in square hole33 in-lbs
    Weight0.49 lbs

    List of Contents
    412-tooth gear (0.5 inch diameter)
    436-tooth gears (1.5 inch diameter)
    460-tooth gears (2.5 inch diameter)
    284-tooth gears (3.5 inch diameter


    Inventor's Guide Insert

    STEP files for each gear

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    I am just getting into robotics, and this kit included everything I needed to run some experiments. I now have a much better understanding of how to use gears to create what I would like to create. over all well worth the money I think :-) I give it five stars since it does what I needed it to, it was a good cheap gear kit to learn with, and it did not have any blaring flaws

    Was above the quality estimated for this product. surpassed my expectations for my RC crane turn table.

    Robust gear set

    Nice gear set. It opens the possibilities when you have plenty of like mesh gears to design with. I've even used the off centered holes for mounting things like the limit switches with great success.

    great for building a gripper arm

    I got these greats so I could build a gripper arm and they work great for that. They would also be great for multiple drive systems like 4 wheel drive.